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3 Creative Ways To Raise Money For Your Child's Religious School

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Many parents take pride in the fact that their children attend private religious institutions. These schools generally don't receive government funding, so they rely on donations and student tuition in order to provide the types of programs that make religious schools so desirable.

If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of money your child's school collects each year, here are three creative ways to garner more donations in the future.

1. Organize a scavenger hunt.

Getting the community involved in your fundraising efforts can be a great way to increase donations. By organizing a scavenger hunt, you can help showcase local hotspots and businesses.

All you need to do for a scavenger hunt to be a success is ask local business owners if they would like to participate by having their business host a clue. You can also ask the business owners to donate a prize for the individual who wins the scavenger hunt. Charge participants a registration fee, and offer additional tips and clues for those who donate the most.

2. Host a recycled art gallery show.

Statistics show that the average person is responsible for generating 4.3 pounds of waste per day. This waste often ends up in landfills, where it can contribute to methane emissions and other forms of pollution. By partnering with local artists to create art from items that would otherwise be thrown away, you can save the environment and increase donations to your child's religious school.

The artists will benefit from the increased exposure a gallery show provides, and you can charge admission to the show and auction off art pieces in order to raise the money your child's school needs to continue offering valuable educational programs.

3. Sponsor an athletic contest.

People love competing against one another for bragging rights, and you can take advantage of this desire by hosting an athletic contest to raise money for your child's religious school. To ensure that the maximum number of people can participate in the contest, rent a radar gun and measure how fast participants can throw a baseball or kick a soccer ball.

Have local businesses donate a prize for the winner, and charge participants for each entry. You can increase the engagement factor by asking a local star athlete to attend, which will entice more people to donate to your child's religious school fund.

Finding donations isn't always easy. By taking the time to plan creative fundraising activities, you can increase the amount of money raised for your child's religious school in the future. Look up some jewish education donations to get some extra ideas.