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Making A Gym Membership Work For You

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A gym membership may be the motivation that you need to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. If you choose the right gym, the membership will become a valuable asset that will change your life. But, how do you choose a membership and make the most of it?

Choose the Right Gym

What is probably the most important element of making the most of your gym membership is choosing the right gym. But, how do you choose when gyms are popping up everywhere?

  1. Choose a gym that you pass daily. If you have to go out of your way to go to the gym, chances are, you won't keep up with the routine that you are trying to create.
  2. Inquire about a trial pass for a day. Many gyms do offer a one-day trial pass to potential members. Use the pass during the time of day that you would typically be using the gym. This will give you a good idea of what your experience will be like – will it be busy?
  3. Ask about classes that are offered. If you are interested in taking a spinning, yoga, cardio or other type of class in addition to the general membership, ask what is offered, what the rates are and the schedule for each class.
  4. Find out about personal trainers. If you are not the self-motivating type, working with a personal trainer is a good idea, at least for the first few months. A personal trainer will teach you how to use the equipment properly, help you develop a routine and keep you going when you want to quit.

Make the Most of the Membership

A lot of people make the mistake of jumping into a new fitness routine with both feet and quickly burning out. How do you avoid the burn out?

  1. Set goals. The only way to know that you are getting anything out of your gym membership is to set goals that you will work hard to reach. When you are just starting out, set small goals, like making it to the gym 3 times each week for the first few weeks. After you reach that goal, set one that is slightly outside of your reach and continue working to reach and set new goals once you reach another.
  2. Set a schedule. Choose a time that you can make it to the gym each day. This could be early in the morning before work or after work on your way home. If that set time turns out to be impossible to keep up with, modify the time until you find a time that your body and mind will work well with.
  3. Don't get intimidated. All gyms have at least one fitness buff that is intimidating to those who are just starting out. Instead of avoiding the gym when that buff is working out, feed off of his or her drive. Use it to push yourself a little harder to reach your own goals.

Your gym membership can be valuable if you work to make it valuable. Start slowly by finding the gym that you are comfortable with and work your way up from there.