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Charter School Advantages

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Many parents are concerned about the education their children receive. If you've been considering alternatives to public school, you should consider a child centered charter school as an option. Here are the top advantages of a charter school:

1. Students perform better

Students in a charter school perform better than students in a public school. A 2013 study by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes showed that reading gains were higher among students in charter schools, and that math skills were equal to those in public schools. The gain in reading skills was equivalent to eight extra school days. Overall, charter schools are on track to surpass public schools in regard to student performance.

2. Charter schools are accountable

Charter schools are funded by the government, yet are technically considered private schools. They are expected to have much better student performance because of this. Faculty and staff are held to a high standard and have strict guidelines they must follow. If students don't perform as expected, the school must be accountable. To increase student performance the school may change curriculum, hire quality teachers, and offer extracurricular activities. If students aren't doing well, the school is at risk of losing funding or closing altogether.

3. Smaller class sizes

Unlike public school, space in a charter school is limited due to funding. This limits the amount of children that can attend the school and thus limits the size of the class rooms. Class sizes depends on the amount of staff, but many charter schools offer small class sizes which allows teachers to focus on the students.

4. Parental involvement

As a parent, you can become much more involved in the type of education your child receives. Applying for a charter school shows that you want to play a bigger role in your child's learning. Charter schools allow you to do that by encouraging parental involvement. You can meet with your child's teachers and discuss ways to help your child become more successful. The board of the charter school is elected by parents, which means your involvement is of the utmost importance.

5. Less bureaucracy

Charter schools are government funded, but they are not run by the government. They do not have to adhere to government rules and regulations. Charter schools run with greater efficiency due to the lack of government bureaucracy. If the current curriculum is not helping students, the school can change it at any time. They can also change the staff or classroom structure on short notice to suit students. Change can take a matter of only days or weeks rather than months when compared to public school.

These are five advantages that charter schools have. If you're looking for an alternative to public school, a charter school may be the right choice for your child. Charter schools such as the Freedom Academy and other locations are a good place to start looking.